Update May 2021: We made it, thanks to all the donations and loans. We thank you all deeply for establishing a permanent place for the horses.

Together with the horses, we provide enriching and empowering experiences for adventurous souls who want to connect deeper with themselves and nature.


The land that we are on, the home for the horsies and volunteers, suddenly get’s sold. We have to leave it, or buy it ourselves. We looked around but we could not find another suitable place.

So we scraped all our accounts empty to make the down payment. Our inner circle has provided us with 10 thousand euros. Now we need another 12.000 euros to seal the deal and officially plant ‘the state of being’ flag.

To make this happen we hope for your support. This can be in the form of a donation, loan or credit for walks and journeys in the (near or far) future for yourself or as a unique present to a dear one.

You can support us by donating through or by bank to: Jeroen de Groot IBAN: DE55 7001 1110 6010 9294 13 BIC: DEKTDE7GXXX

Our GoFundMe campaign doesn’t seem to accept payments at the moment so we started this page until they do.

We, the horses and all the people who come to enjoy their presence will be eternal grateful for your support. Your gifts will be deducted off the price of the walks or 5 day journeys, if one day you decide to walk with a 500 kg horse and join us for an adventure. X

Sakshin, Charlotte and the 5 horses.

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Thank you for your generous donations

  • Taissa
  • Sandra
  • Soraja
  • Paula
  • Dinawa
  • Corrie
  • Marijke
  • and many more …

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