Urgent. We need support to Buy the land for the rescued horses

Crowdfunding Together with the horses, we provide enriching and empowering experiences for adventurous souls who want to connect deeper with themselves and nature. BUT The land that we are on, the home for the horsies and volunteers, suddenly get’s sold. We have to leave it, or buy it ourselves. We looked around but we could [...]


Summer was good but getting through the winter is a challenge … a horse Christmas story

It was almost two years ago that I last wrote for the Dutch website"WanttoKnow.nl” (English version here) and it’s time for an update about my experiences with the rescued horses. A horse Christmas story. The reactions to the previous article about the care of abused horses were encouraging and heart-warming, and around a thousand euros [...]

Your State of BEing

… the talents, skills, faculties that are physically activated in the body, and all that can be done within a “state of love, happiness, joy, satisfaction, and celebration”… that may seem as “superpowers”, “miracles”, and “omniscience”, is actually one’s natural state of being … and it always, all ways has been one’s natural state of [...]