The land. If we don’t buy it ourselves we will be on the street with the horses, caravans for volunteers, hay bales and water tanks. After looking intensely for other options and lands, buying this piece of land is the best solution. But we had until the 26th November to say yes or no, and on the very last day we said yes.

We and the horses seem to be a very good team for people to have beautiful empowering experiences. Sometimes they break into tears. They get triggered to step into their true power and authenticity. That’s only possible if they drop into their heart as well.

We would like to keep on focussing on ‘being of service’ on Earth in this way. 

The land is the land where Flame gallops as fast as lightning and Rocky hides himself at night under the tree. It’s where the horses love to roll in the sand.

It’s the land where we hear them make horse sounds when we are in bed at night and where they are calling us for breakfast as soon as we walk out in the morning. It’s our home for the horses.

We scraped our own accounts empty, which was just enough for the 10% down payment of €2.000. In total we need €22.000 to buy the land and we have 60 days to get that money together. We asked our inner circle and managed to raise €10.000.

The beauty and importance of the work

That means that at the moment we are €10.000 short.  Our inner circle cannot help us further but we are full of trust that people, like yourself, see the beauty and importance of the work that we do and want to chip in to reach our goal.

It’s a sanctuary, a place for emotional refuge. For horses And humans.

We had no other option than taking a leap of faith. Like Sakshin did when he first decided to adopt Flame to save him from slaughter, not knowing a thing about keeping a horse. 

Shall we do it? And then most importantly how do we get the money to do it? Or shall we not? And just find something else? Can we rent somewhere else? Where do we go? What? Wait! With 5 horses and 2 caravans? Volunteers, hay bales and water tanks?? Whaaa.

Many reasons to do it, one big reason to not do it. But then where could we go? On quiet a short notice as well?  

We had no other option than taking a leap of faith. Like Sakshin did when he first decided to adopt Flame, not knowing a thing of a horse. And here we go …

You can support us by donating through or by bank to: Jeroen de Groot IBAN: DE55 7001 1110 6010 9294 13 BIC: DEKTDE7GXXX

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