Did you always want to be close to horses? Wanted to work with them, or just smell them every day?

Then we have an opportunity for you; you can come and stay here for 3 weeks and learn what we learned, do what we do, and smell what we smell. For a fixed amount of € 720,- you can stay here in your own private caravan, food and drinks included, live off-grid, and be with us and the horses.

You will take care of the horse maintenance and everything that comes with it. But because we will be traveling a lot with the horses in the coming months, you are invited to join us on our journeys as an assistant or as a ‘journey participant’ if we have an empty place available.

Contact us if this is something for you. But due to the shedding of Spike proteins of off Corona vaccinated people, which is harmful to animals, if you are vaccinated, you don’t have to apply ;-(

We’re looking forward to BE with you.

Sakshin & Charlotte.

You can get those amazing shirts and more, here, by the way.