A sanctuary for horses and humans alike

Welcome to our horse sanctuary where, at the moment, 6 horses found heaven on Earth. To support the sanctuary we organize 5 day journeys through the natural parks in South-West Portugal and daily 2 hour walks with a horse by your side. Come join us for this mindfulness and life-changing experience, and get touched by the big hearts of these amazing animals.

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It’s all Happinez

Did you read the inspiring article in the May/June’21 issue of Happinez magazine? No? Click here to read it and get inspired to walk with horses. And Click here to join an amazing Horse journey yourself.

Rescued horses

We keep rescued horses and give them a second chance in life. They were in dire need after being abused and maltreated severely on the road by pulling carts. We help them to become a happy and healthy horse again in a natural as possible way. And to share our experience, we invite you to come and feel their magnificent beauty, strength and pure bliss for yourselves.

Being close to horses is an amazing experience

Join us for a short walk of 2 hour through the beautiful area of Barão de São João or step into real adventure with our 5 day exclusive HorseJourneys by foot @ holistic-horsewalk.pt

To learn thyself

The State of Being project started in 2014. Going back to a natural way of living. Close to, and with nature was the idea. To learn thyself. Within a month there was this 2,5-year young horse, Flame, that was rescued from slaughter.

Then came Maya, seriously skinny and with open wounds from pulling a cart. And then, mid 2019 came Divina, with her 5 week old son Luciano and the orphan foal Rocky of 3 weeks old. Divina was also abused in front of a cart and the scars on her body still show that. With Flame it started and with them, this journey of learning, falling, getting up and getting wise continues. …

Dwelling for a moment on how you feel inside goes well when you are walking. But it goes even deeper when there is a horse walking next to you.

At the moment there are six horses on the land and the activities, like our daily HorseWalks with guests, got enriched with the longer ‘HorseJourneys’. Trackings on foot with a horse by your side. Walking beautiful paths through the unspoiled wilderness of the wild South-West Algarve, Portugal. For many a life-changing experience. You can read all about it on our Holistic-Horsewalk.pt website, dedicated to the HorseWalks and the HorseJourneys.

Sakshin and the horses.