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This website was build for the association for the rehabilitation of rescued horses. Due to Covid etc. that still didn’t happen.

Other shit news is that we were told to leave the land where we keep the horses within a week, on 26 November 2020. The text below is from the GoFundMe fundraiser we just launched. The page somehow doesn’t let the donations through so here is the alternative fundraiser page.

Fundraiser text

We keep rescued horses and give them a second chance in life after being abused and maltreated severely on the road by pulling carts. But now we have to leave the land, next door to our house, where we keep them, the caravans for the volunteers and all the stuff that’s needed to take good care of them. It gets sold.

If we don’t buy it ourselves we will be on the street with the horses, caravans and volunteers, hay bales and water tanks. After looking intensely for other options and lands, the option to buy this piece of land was the best. But we had until the 26th November to say yes or no, and on the very last day we said yes. We had no other option.

We scraped our accounts empty, which was just enough for the 10% down payment of €2.000. In total we need €22.000 to buy the land and we have 60 days to get that money together. We asked around everywhere and managed to raise €10.000.

That means that we are €10.000 short.  Our inner circle cannot help us further but we are full of trust that people out there, like yourself, see the beauty and importance of the work that we do and want to chip in to reach our goal.

We, the horses and all the people who come to enjoy their presence will be eternal grateful for your support.

Thank you for supporting us.

Sakshin, Charlotte and the 5 horses.

The good news is that if we manage to raise the needed funds, we can finally give the horses an official home for many years to come.

Keeping horses is nice but walking with them is even better. Join us for a short walk of 1.5 hour or step into real adventure with our 5-day horsewalks by foot @

The State of Being project started in 2014. Going back a natural way of living close to and with nature was the idea. To learn thyself. Within a month there was this 2,5 year young horse, Flame, that was rescued from slaughter. And so began this journey of learning, making mistakes, falling, getting up again etc. until where we are now, in 2020.

One horse became five horses and the activities, like our daily HorseWalks with guests, got enriched with ‘5 day journeys’ on foot with a horse by your side. Beautiful walks through unspoiled wilderness in the wild South-West of the Algarve. You can read all about it here, on our website dedicated to the walks and the journeys.

And if Covid didn’t keep all the travelers away we wouldn’t have to start a fundraiser.