Rocky, Diva, Lucky

You probably remember the tragic story of the rescued horse ‘Vacaria. She came at ‘Algarve Horse Alarm‘ about one month ago, with a broken leg. A really bad broken leg. But, she was highly pregnant and the team did everything in their might to save her life, at least until the foal was born.

The foal got born 3 weeks too early and they spend some precious days together, in which Rocky could drink from his mother’s milk and plunge into her abundant love. But after a few days, it was clear that mum was in terrible pain and that the wound got worse. It was then decided that it was best for her to let her go and end her misery. A tragic moment for all, especially for little Rocky.

Born too early and now also without his mum. Luckily ‘Diva‘ wouldn’t mind to share a bit of her own milk with her and with extra powder foal milk she should be ok.

The foal needs a lot of attention and there are two other foals to take care of, not to mention the other 17 horses that have been rescued . So it’s getting a bit heavy on the workload for Femke and her Algarve Horse Alarm.

So the foals (Rocky & Lucky) and Diva need a new home. And I would like to give them that home. Seen it will be Diva and the two foals it will be a lot of extra time and extra work on the fields. Rocky needs to be fed 4 times a day for example. Which is all very okay, I love being around them. But it also means that I’ll have less time to take care of my income and taking care of horses ain’t cheap as well.

So I already took in two rescue horse and now it would be 5 in total, for the moment. I think I can manage this physically and time wise but money wise I would definitely need your support because that aspect I can’t handle alone, at the moment.

I wanted to create a fundraiser page on facebook but somehow FB thinks I’m located in Saudi Arabia, where fundraising is not possible. Tried to write FB about it. Did you ever tried that? Impossible.

So I will open my Paypal account for you where you can donate for the support in the upbringing of Rocky and Lucky and the running costs for Diva. Please click the link below.

You can also send it to my bank account J.B.E. de Groot IBAN: PT50 004571934031130787926 SWIFT:CCCMPTPL

Your support is deeply appreciated and I warm heartedly hope that you will stop by one day to be together with these amazing beings.



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