Horse massage

Maya still had a problem with her hip after all this time she’s been with us. Time for a horse massage Lucy from came by to give Maya a deep tissue treatment and she found that she had a torn muscle in her left hind leg. A old would from her days pulling a cart probably. She appearently liked the treatment and we’ll see how she will improve her movements.

Horse massage

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  1. Lots of changes seen in Maya in just one day. A little reservedness that she always had is gone. She steps up to people now, even strangers. She started exploring areas of the land that she never did before and she even wanted to step into my home. Unseen.
    And this morning she came alone to the gate of the field where they stay at night. And that was pretty unusual.
    Then after a while, I found out that Flame was outside of the field and Maya was still inside. Normally it would be the other way around and she would then run off. She is jawning a lot so she releases a lot of stress/tension.
    I did the stretching exercises with her and that went very well. So I’ see a lot of changes and am very pleased, especially for her. Thank you so much Lucy.

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