The beauty of Horse shit

We are all in the shit sometimes. Deep shit. Especially me. I’m digging shit every day and it’s a blessing. Most people would find it disgusting and I thought so too in the beginning, but those days are over. It’s great to dig in the shit. Horse shit in this instance.

Digging up the shit is a truly transformational experience if done the right way. It is truly relaxing and purifying and brings a human to deep insights. Digging up shit is digging into your own life, into your own awareness, and into your own shit.

Every second on the field can be used to get clarity and direction into ones own being. Every dig in the shit leads to another and you will be surprised what the shit has to offer you.

Digging into the shit is as dirty as your own past and you will be amazed what will come up during digging the shit.  c

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